What’s the first thing you need to find out from a new client?

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When you are approached by a prospective new client it is tempting to simply give them what they say they want. Most often this will be a fee quote to help them with their annual compliance obligations. As this area of work becomes more commoditised so you need to distinguish yourself from other accountants.

The real reasons you need to do business advice properly

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Why are so many consultants telling accountants that they need to start providing advisory services to clients? You've been doing this for years haven't you? Or else your clients don't want, don't need or can't afford to pay for such services.     Hmm. Have you really been doing this for years? I know many

Key ways to improve profitability

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At last week's meeting of The Inner Circle for Accountants our headline discussion topic was: "Improving the profitability of your practice" I offered an early observation that “If you don’t have profitable clients, you don’t have a profitable practice”. What I mean by this is that if your clients do not generate a profit for you,

10 ways to get paid for additional work

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Here are ten approaches to getting paid for additional work and that may be worth considering in the right circumstances.  I should stress that I can't wave a magic wand and ensure your clients pay you for additional work that you haven't discussed or billed in a professional way.  The key, invariably is good communication.

The 3 reasons you cannot rely on referrals if you want to grow your practice

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Most established Accountants running their own firms claim to get most of their better new clients via referrals.  is this true or relevant to less established practices? Experienced accountants claim that no other activities and no marketing investment ever seems worth the effort. The following sentiment is typical of what I hear: "I get all

Debunked: Twitter names and handles for accountants

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You may have seen or heard me comment that accountants who tweet using their firm's name are missing a trick. In this blog post you'll find out why. Twitter is a social media platform that is suited to building personal engagement. It is less effective when used as a broadcast media and this is typically

How to short-cut the Networking process

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Networking is not for everyone. Whilst some accountants enjoy attending regular networking events, I regularly hear tales of woe from those who find it a frustrating waste of time.  There are also plenty of accountants who do not like the idea of chatting with strangers very appealing. You will rarely meet someone at a networking

Accountants CAN overcome a lack of inner confidence…..

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All too often I encounter another accountant who is lacking in confidence. And this invariably holds them back from achieving the success they seek. Just last week an accountant emailed me back after receiving a message I'd sent out on a totally different topic. Included in her reply was the following: I know I lack

What are you doing about your clients’ uncertainty about the future?

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When I talk with accountants, which I do a lot, I often sense an unspoken concern about increased ‘uncertainty’ in their world. It is clear to me that many business clients are uncertain, many private clients are uncertain and also many accountants themselves are uncertain. Business clients They are uncertain about future sales and expansion,

How was January for you this year?

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This is a question I always ask accountants when I talk with them in February. "How was January for you this year?" The answers are always pretty similar. They range from "Not as bad as previously" through to the absolute defeatist "Same as always. I just accept that's the way it is."  This tends to

Lessons for accountants from….. a childrens’ party entertainer

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As a teenager, before I started studying to become an accountant, I was a children's party entertainer - and I continued doing this for about 25 years. When I look back I realise that I quickly learned 2 lessons that now, many years later, inform my thinking and advice to accountants. Specialisation I was

Two and a half questions to help you in 2018

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This week I invite you to identify your top achievements in 2017 and a few specific achievements you would most like to pursue in 2018. This should help you finish the year on a high and excited for what is to follow. I've also shared my own answers to the same two questions. Doing this yourself also means

Debunked: The one thing you must do….

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A popular approach to getting your attention (and often your money) is to instruct you that there is 'one thing' you must do. What do they say? Many journalists, consultants and sales people assert that there is just 'one thing' you must do to remain in practice, to generate new clients, to increase your fees or

How can accountants use Linkedin for marketing purposes?

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This was the headline to a question I was asked recently. I have summarised the question below and expanded on my reply and advice as this may help other accountants too. Question How can accountants use LinkedIn for marketing purpose? I have a company page, I have a profile, I am in some groups but