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The mentor option

The September issue of Accountancy magazine has been published and I am delighted to see that they have included my letter in response to an article about coaching and mentoring in the July issue. The full text of my letter appeared on this blog on 30 July.

Memories of being mentored

Mentoring seems to be flavour of the month all of a sudden. I was approached today by a journalist who wanted a quote from someone with experience of the traditional internal style of mentoring that some larger firms provide. Here’s what I said: ” As a junior partner many years ago I was allocated a […]

Tax Careers magazine

The current issue contains a short article of mine that should be of interest to all ambitious professionals. The editor has titled it: More than technical skills and has added a desription: Whatever you may think, personal development courses are there for good reason. But, Mark Lee asks, are you making the most of them? […]


When you need more than just technical skills

Whilst exam training focuses on developing technical skills most firms need managers and partners who also have a broad mix of business skills. As promotion is likely to depend upon such skills there are essentially only four options available to your firm. They will either: pray, hope or make a wish that you magically develop […]


Webcasts for tax advisers

I was flattered to be asked to record the first ever webcasts for the Chartered Accountants’ Tax Faculty last week. You can now see them by clicking where it says Tax Faculty. Many of the points coverd in the webcasts are easily adapted to other types of professional services and advice work. The webcasts, which […]

Why mentoring?

A mentor does more than coach you. The sessions will normally be confidential and take place by phone or meeting somewhere convenient and private. Your mentor will help identify your development needs, give advice, open doors and help you to think through issues and problems. They will also ask you for feedback as regards what […]


HMRC Interventions (updated)

Another year, another controversial issue for accountants and tax advisers. For reasons best known to themselves HMRC decided to press ahead with their interventions project last month. This is despite the severe misgivings expressed by the professional bodies, the wholly inadequate consideration given to a range of practical consequences and the complete absence of legal […]

Getting straight to the answer may not be best

Imagine your client collects all their receipts and asks you as their accountant to produce accounts (if required), a tax return and then to advise how much tax is payable. Alternatively the client may collate the information onto a spreadsheet or into a simple accounts package and then ask you the same question. What approach […]