25 great answers to the question: How much do you charge?

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One of the questions Accountants don't like hearing, when approached by a prospective new client, is "How much do you charge?" All too often the question is asked, too early, out of context, and before you've established exactly what accountancy and related services you will be providing. And yet, if you blow the answer, your prospect is

Do people see you as successful or struggling?

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Some accountants I know are proud of how efficiently they look after their own business affairs. Others though are embarrassed at their inefficiencies. And there are some who do not appear to give any thought as to how they are perceived. If clients or business associates become aware that you are not running your practice

“What tools do you recommend to help a sole practitioner stand out?”

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This was another question I was asked during a recent interview. This post is drawn from the notes I made before giving my answer on air. Many accountants and bookkeepers reference their best source of new business as being referrals and recommendations. So let's deal with this first. Tools I would recommend here include: Linkedin