What if you don’t want to go for a niche?

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There is no doubt in my mind. The more focused you can be as regards your ideal clients the more chance there is that other people will recognise when they can recommend and refer you to people who need your services. But it's not the only route to success. You are not alone if you

What makes your practice different and memorable?

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Back in 2007 I wrote a chapter for a book (BusinessWise) to help Entrepreneurs with 'Finding, Choosing and Using an accountant'. I tried to ensure that this was more practical and real-world advice than the generic and incomplete advice which appears on a variety of business and accountancy websites. I explained some of the ways that entrepreneurs

5 lessons on collaborations from….Tony Bennett, Sting and McFly

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Those of us who are of a certain age were surprised recently to see the classic American crooner, Tony Bennett, performing alongside Lady Gaga. They started singing together in 2011 and, despite a 60 year age gap, they have recently released an album of jazz standards, ‘Cheek to cheek‘. They also appear together in the

Proof that positive first impressions are not enough

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At a recent private networking lunch, one of our number was a chartered surveyor.After we’d spent a few hours together the group sought feedback from each other. Having heard me talk about the importance of STANDING OUT from the pack, the chartered surveyor, who was new to the group, asked what we would remember most