Inner Circle – How to differentiate your practice

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The main topic for discussion at last week’s meeting of The Inner Circle was: Distinguishing your practice from the competition. We met at our new home, The Eight Club in Moorgate, London. Members of The Inner Circle again benefited from the willingness they all had to share their experiences and insights during our round table

Lessons for accountants from….. London cabbies

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Last week many of London's black cab drivers staged a protest against the way that the authorities had treated a new competitor in the marketplace. This reminded me of the strident views that some qualified accountants express as regards the competition they face from unqualified people. Some of the reports of the cabbies'  protest suggest that their

Your service is not unique but you are

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Years ago I became quite attached to the idea of identifying UPBs (Unique Perceived Benefits). I preferred this approach of looking at the provision of services from the client's viewpoint rather than trying to identify a USP (Unique Selling Proposition). More recently though I have realised that it is all but impossible for any

Linkedin and Facebook. What’s the difference?

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A trainee accountant I know had just heard that I'd been speaking about Linkedin at an accountancy firm's away day. He was amazed that a firm would need this as, in his words, "Linkedin is just like Facebook isn't it?" This is a common misconception, fuelled in part by surveys and articles that reference Linkedin