Top blog posts from 2013

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Tomorrow I will post a full review of the visitor activity on this website and blog. It may be of interest if you are into blogging. For now here are the top 10 blog posts from 2013 - ranked by the number of times they were read (according to my wordpress stats). Feel free to

Where will accountants operate from in the future?

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I was interviewed recently for a magazine piece about longer-term trends and changes in the accountancy profession. In this blog post I share my thoughts on one of the topics we discussed. Where will accountants operate from in the future? The options at the moment tend to be high street office, above a shop, off

Do you take your own advice?

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I don't recall ever seeing a cobbler's children running around without shoes. But I understand the old adage. Their father was typically too busy fixing his customer's shoes such that his children had to go barefoot. Perhaps it is for similar reasons that many accountants leave their own annual accounts and tax returns to the

How to network without networking

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During the course of my career I have attended hundreds of events where professionals and business people could network. More recently, since I went freelance in 2006, I have also attended many more generic and local business networking events. These are very different and are more likely to attract some inexperienced networkers whose prime