The Tax Advice Network’s 6 year anniversary

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Please indulge me for a moment. Six years ago today I launched the Tax Advice Network as the UK's first virtual tax practice. A unique facility allowing accountants to access their choice of vetted independent specialist tax advisers, whenever a client's problems required such expertise. My first business plan showed that the Network's various income

15 top tips to avoid procrastinating

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If you know you put things off that should be done sooner, the following list may contain some useful tips for you. I have extracted it from a longer list I included in an article for accountingweb last year. Divide up your day eg: 1 hour for phone calls; 1 hour clearing emails; 1 hour

What do accountants do on twitter?

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Over the last few years I have attempted to track all UK based accountants who have started to use twitter. I used to follow all of them but now I simply add them to one of my lists of UK accountants on twitter. These now number over 1200 in total and continue to grow. *See

Are fees all that matters?

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There used to be a commonly held perception that the drive and focus of a firm of accountants is solely reliant upon the fees the partners generate. As long as everybody focused on fees, all will be well. Of course there is much more to building a successful firm than this. This old perception is