The two things you need to do to find prospects via twitter

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If you are to have any hope of securing multiple new clients and introductions through twitter you will do so fastest if you focus your attention on one of two types of other users of twitter. That is either: Those in your local area; or Those who are active in a niche where your services

5 ways you can read my blog posts for free.

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Everyone has their own preferences. I've summarised the options for you below. Do pick whichever suits you best: 1. Subscribe to my 3Rs ideas notes as I regularly include references back to the most recent blog posts here. Simply complete the sign-up box on the right of your screen. 2. Subscribe to the email notification

How to reveal all to the taxman

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I was reminded recently of an article written a few years ago by Mike Thexton and published by Taxation magazine. In the article Mike explained how he helped a friend who needed his help to 'come clean' re undisclosed earnings. Mike said it all started with "the dreaded question". This happens when someone asks for help in

Lessons for accountants from….dating sites

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I was fascinated to hear a friend of a friend bemoaning the challenge of finding suitable guys to date online. The lady in question (we'll call her 'Brenda') is looking for guys 45-65, but is routinely put off by their photos and their profiles. It seems that few have thought about how to create

Is there a typical twitter user?

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Regular readers will know that I'm a big fan of twitter and use it extensively. Equally I remain cynical about it's business value to most accountants. I am always amused to note that most of those who challenge this view tend not to remain active on twitter for more than a few months. Having said