It’s better to be passionate and authentic than boring

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The old cliche 'people buy from people they know, like and trust' is especially pertinent when you are an accountant keen to generate additional clients. To a large extent it matters not whether you are part of a bigger company/firm or you run your own practice - although the effect is even more pronounced in the smallest

How accounting has been changed by technology

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I was intrigued by this infographic and thought it was worth sharing. I recognise the picture of the modern accountant as I started in the profession just before accounting computer programmes were introduced to enhance our lives. The infographic starts with Pacioli in 1494 and comes right uptodate via the introduction of visicalc in 1978 and

Watch out General Practitioner Accountants!

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This salutary item is drawn from my talk and ebook on risk management and how to avoid professional negligence claims. The 2013 professional negligence case of Mehjoo and Harben Barker effectively endorsed the advice I had already been giving for years -  even though many other commentators believed otherwise. Assume for a moment that a client

Please ignore this self congratulatory post

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Three months ago I mentioned, in passing, that this website/blog "had significantly more visitors (>19,000) and more page views (>30,000) in April than ever before." I am delighted to note that those April figures were no blip. July 2013 saw the highest number of unique visitors to this website and blog: 20,754 And the number