How do you reply when asked: What do you do?

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Many accountants adopt one of two distinct styles when talking about what they do for a living. Most are almost apologetic when answering the question: "What do you do?" Experience has taught them that admitting they are an accountant may generate a dismissive or negative reply. Those accountants who have attended formulaic networking groups adopt

Beware the marketing bullies

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Regular readers will know that on this blog I share, what I hope is, constructive unbiased advice for accountants in practice. After I spoke at the recent Accountex exhibition and conference I was touched to be complimented a number of times on the style and content of my talks – which echoes the approach I

What skills set does it take to be successful as an accountant or tax adviser?

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Some years ago I routinely highlighted the need to build and develop personal and business skills in addition to technical skills. It's all very well to understand accounting and tax rules and how to produce a set of accounts and tax returns, but ambitious accountants need a wider skills set if they want to be