Are accountants the new bogeymen?

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Were you as angry as I was at the headlines and media focus on a clearly misguided element of the latest report by the Public Accounts Committee (PAC)? Committee chairman Margaret Hodge said accountants seconded to government represented a "ridiculous conflict of interest" that should be ended. She had clearly made up her mind based on no real evidence

The end of accountants?

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In early 2013 Professor Richard Susskind published a new book, 'Tomorrow's lawyers'. This included some updated observations of the views expressed in his previous book, published in 2008: The End of Lawyers? Rethinking the Nature of Legal Services. As I share many of Professor Susskind's views I thought I would pick out one theme for this blog.

Why don’t all accountants promote tax schemes?

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I had to laugh when I saw this headline in the Times on Saturday: "Barrister loses dispute over tax avoidance".  I checked it out and it's true. A leading Tax Counsel has failed in his claims that a LEGAL tax avoidance scheme reduced his tax bill. In other words, it was ineffective. Ten years ago

Can you describe yourself using 3 adjectives?

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If you had to choose, which three adjectives do you think best describe you, as a person, as an accountant? I doubt you would opt to include 'Boring' as one of the three. It can be quite instructive to write down the three words you choose and then to ask other people how they would