Online profiles – make sure yours isn’t boring

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Online profiles are everywhere now. They appear on many firms' websites, on social networking sites and on Linkedin. Actually pretty much all of the points below apply equally to any printed profile or CV you might produce too. When you’re writing yours please don’t focus on the boring stuff – where you were born, what

Stop talking about your USP – it’s the same as other accountants

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I'm often struck by the difficulty many accountants have when trying to identify what's special about their firm or practice. Many assume that they do nothing different to any other accountant. Others have been persuaded they need to claim to have a USP.  But, when asked, most accountants make the same claims about their

Are your fees high enough?

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Let’s start with a truism. No accountants complain that their clients are paying them too much. Conversely there are four main reasons why accountants think their clients are paying too little: 1. They haven’t put the basic fee up to a commercial level; 2. They don’t charge more during their busiest period; 3. They haven’t