What do you do when clients are divorcing?

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Two husbands withholding information have been jailed in recent divorce cases.  David Thursfield, previously head of Ford, went down for 2 years* and Scot Young for 6 months.   So failure to cooperate in court proceedings can seriously mess up your life. You may have clients whose marriages breakdown and where one party or the other

How do you bill for extras over a fixed fee?

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We’ve all done it haven’t we? Estimated a fee (or maybe even quoted a fixed fee) for a specific piece of work and then the scope of the work has changed slightly. And then a bit more. Perhaps we’ve delegated the work and have not kept in touch with how much extra time the ‘tweaks’

Everyone wants an accountant they know, like and trust

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I’ve lost track of how often I have flagged this fundamental point during networking talks and in my articles and ebooks. Obviously there are many factors that will determine a prospective client’s decision making process. However, everything else being equal, you will secure more work if you make it easy for people to get to

Apparently this is one of the Top 30 accounting and finance blogs

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Last month I received what appears to be a genuine endorsement of all my work to make this blog useful, relevant, commercial and valuable to ambitious accountants. I was initially a tad cynical but this blog really is the fourth in a list of the Top 30 Accounting and Finance Blogs of 2012. The note I received last week from