The upside of being a Boring Accountant

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Someone who is perceived as Boring is often also perceived as possessing a host of very POSITIVE qualities. It sort of goes with the territory. So, ‘boring’ accountants tend also to be: methodical disciplined knowledgeable professional scrupulous honest ethical trustworthy detail focused serious cautious predictable reliable and they like lists! ;-) These are all positive qualities

No one cares HOW you do what you do

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Can you imagine what would happen if you explained to a prospective client or advocate HOW you do what you do? We complete client's tax returns using the latest software programme from ABC company; We use the tax research books published by [name of publishing house]; Our staff have all been trained by [name of

Mourning the death of Tax Facts

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There needs to be a special reason to give over this blog to someone else's words. This is one such occasion. It's important for accountants to be able to debate the tax news stories of the moment with confidence and conviction - based on the facts. This has become increasingly difficult in recent months, as

The 500th blog post here

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Just felt I should recognise this as no one else will do so. The top ten blog posts since I started this blog in April 2006 have been: Three elements of communication - and the so called "7%-38%-55% Rule" 7388 Examples of good facebook pages for accountants 7075 Twitter 4929 The Easter Bunny shows us how NOT to