Please stop reinforcing the boring accountant stereotype

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Recently I was sent a link to an online collection of 101 jokes about accountants. I got a little excited. Surely it would contain plenty of new jokes I could share more widely through my other blog: The lighter side of accountancy and tax.  In fact I was very disappointed. The collection was dreadful. Over the

Only one website metric really matters to accountants

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There are plenty of online tools that will help you measure various website metrics and analytics - such as visitor numbers, how long they stay, which pages they look at and so on.  None of them, however, measure the most important metric so it is easy to forget that there's only one that really matters.

8 Misconceptions about Limited Liability Partnerships

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At Accountex friends of mine conducted a straw poll of attendees to ascertain attitudes to advising on Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). The straw poll was related to a project to which I have leant some support. The results were not wholly surprising but do reveal continued misconceptions and fear of the unknown: LLPs are perceived to