Why accountants need to be more confident

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The ACCA published a new research report in August 2012 entitled ‘Closing the Value Gap’. This explores the role of accountants today and in the future. A couple of statements in the Executive Summary caught my eye as they provide a new take on the issue I have been focusing on recently; that too many people

Ten ways to avoid being boring on twitter

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Whilst I do not follow all of the UK based accountants who join twitter, I do try to add them to one of two lists I have for them (see foot of this post). And I do monitor the tweets they post. I also regularly check out their profiles. Some are more interesting than others.

Making the 80:20 rule work for you

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Although many people have heard of this 'rule' very few accountants consciously think about how applying the rule could help them and their clients. The 80:20 rule is also known as the 'Pareto principle', the 'law of the vital few' and the 'principle of factor sparsity'. Simply stated, the idea is that for many events,