Ten clues your Linkedin profile is boring

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Here's a quick checklist to review in case your Linkedin profile is giving the impression that you are boring. That will certainly the case if your profile matches all ten! Photo: None or one of you sitting at a desk.  Note the additional prominence given to photos in the 'new look' profile layouts. Headline: Accountant.

You don’t have to be boring to be good at your job

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Accountants are all too used to being characterised as 'boring'. Maybe some fit the sterotype. In other cases the epithet is more down to the perceived boring nature of accounting and auditing. One reason so many accountants are seen as boring is precisely because we enjoy doing the boring old stuff that clients don't like

Why consistency is important on social media

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Most accountants who become active on social media do so in the hope of attracting more clients. If this is your intention or you want to evidence your credibility, I suggest that you adopt a consistent business focus across your websites, blogs, online networking and contributions to business forums. It also helps to show that

Will accountants be able to afford to retire?

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The so-called baby-boomer accountants, born in the immediate aftermath of World War Two, are now reaching (normal) retirement age. For many of them the question of whether they can afford to retire is at the forefront of their thoughts. Some members of the profession have long been making pension contributions or investments intended to ensure

What Networking IS and what it is NOT

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At its heart, networking involves meeting up with people in the hope that you will build profitable relationships with them. The emphasis is likely to be on building business relationships but social and even romantic ones could develop too I suppose. Many of the same principles apply whether you are networking online or in