Linkedin is quite distinct from other ‘social media’

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I have made this point explicitly three times in the last 24hrs in response to different stimuli. It's something I have also stressed in my talks, articles and blogs in recent years. In my view you should be wary of anyone who simply references 'social media' in the context of accountants (or indeed other senior

Low value clients

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This is a guest blog post by Jon Stow.  I've copied it here with his permission as it is a real life example of an issue I have often addressed in my articles and talks. It contains lessons for many accountants in practice. I've added some comments of my own at the end. When you

I now have thousands of followers on twitter. So what?

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I've been on twitter since 2007 years and have watched my twitter follower numbers gradually increase over this time. I think it's fair to assume that my 5,300+ [edited Dec 2013] followers each fall into one or more of the following categories: Interested in me/my tweets - and forming part of my target audience of

Accountants discouraged by ICAEW from advising on aggressive tax schemes

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Although Tax Avoidance is no longer headline news we continue to see the repercussions of recent media stories. Last week I referenced the comments of the CIOT President. He suggested that there may be a need to consider toughening up the financial services mis-selling rules to attack the promoters and sellers of tax schemes that have no real prospect

Where can Accountants network?

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It seems that many accountants have experienced one form of local networking group and either decided that they like it or that it's not for them. That's fair although it would be a mistake to assume that all such groups operate in the same way. And it would also be a mistake to assume that