Why weren’t all accountants promoting those tax schemes?

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I imagine that some accountants are concerned that clients may have complaints in the light of the latest media stories about tax avoidance schemes. Such complaints will rarely be justified and would only arise due to some of the misleading reports of the way that Jimmy Carr, Take That and other celebrities have used the

Are your business relationships too insubstantial?

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Thinking about your business relationships, how close do you want to be with clients, prospective clients and advocates? The following list suggests a number of distinctive levels of contact that you could have. It can be a mistake (as in, a waste of time) to expect recommendations and referrals from anyone before your contact level

How accountants can use Linkedin groups

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There are thousands of Groups on Linkedin and some are of more value to accountants than others. If you scroll down someone's profile on Linkedin you can see the Groups to which they belong. 'Belong' - the list doesn't reveal whether they are active in those groups, or indeed whether anyone is active there. It

Are we undermining the meaning of the word ‘specialise’?

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I saw an advert recently for the Daily Telegraph's jobs board. It claims them to be "Specialists in your Industry". Er, no they aren't. They can't be. They may 'cover' every industry. They may have vacancies or jobs for people in "every" (or, more likely, simply 'most') industries. But, by definition, they cannot be

A dozen key tips for your Linkedin profile

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I've been advocating Linkedin as a key online networking opportunity for accountants and other busy professionals for a few years now. I've realised something important was missing though: A post containing my tips and advice for someone who would benefit from enhancing their profile to make it work for them. This is all simple stuff