20 tips re Linkedin for accountancy firms – vs individual accountants

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I once wrote a Handbook on using Linkedin for a larger company that has many such handbooks recording their processes and systems. It was a fascinating experience. In researching available Linkedin advice and tips I found very little that was aimed at or relevant to business owners. The same is true for accountancy firms that

8 tips if you are considering an accountancy franchise

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This isn't intended to be complete treatise on the subject. I have simply jotted down a few thoughts in preparation for a magazine interview. If my contributions appear online I will provide a link in due course. The journalist seems to be undertaking extensive research so it should be a good piece - but probably

Am I really 38th out of 100 top finance related tweeters?

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The ICAEW's new membership magazine, Economia, has introduced a novel idea. They have teamed up with PeerIndex to identify and list the "The top most influential Finance accounts on Twitter". And I'm currently ranked at number 38 which is flattering. Sadly though I doubt the veracity of the list and thus can take no real delight

Why Cameron was right about accountants

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I returned from a few days away to see a storm brewing about something disparaging that David Cameron has said about accountants. The offending headline in the Daily Telegraph on 7 May was: "We're not just a bunch of accountants". This was an extract from an article attributed to David Cameron in the paper. He said