How do you explain twitter to novices?

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A couple of non-tech savvy friends recently confirmed my view about the media stories that reference twitter. "Why would anyone get involved with that stuff?" they asked. They were visibly shocked to learn that I was 'into' twitter and that I help accountants to understand this 'new' facility. I offered to explain. I knew there

Be realistic as to what Social Media can do for you

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The MediaCoach, Alan Stevens, recently shared his views about people who wonder why social media isn't working for them.  We tend to agree on such things even though we have very different backgrounds in business and the media. I thought it was worth sharing Alan's views on a subject I have blogged about before.

Is a ‘me too’ Budget summary worth sending to anyone?

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Last year I awarded a (notional) prize for what I considered to be the  best Budget night 'commentary' that I saw the following day.  The winner, and runner-up to a lesser extent, stood out among the dozens of 'me too' pieces that were, frankly, not worth anyone's time and effort. Many years ago the Chancellor's

Lessons for accountants from…..personal trainers

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When someone decides they want to get fit they could choose the DIY route at a gym or they can engage a personal trainer. The trainer will ask if the client has has had a trainer before. If so, what did the client like about the exercises, the fitness regime, the advice they received and the

How accountants should choose their twitter handle

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In my last blog post I suggested that accountants who tweet using their firm's name are missing a trick. Twitter is a social media platform that is suited to building personal engagement. It is less effective when used as a broadcast media and this is typically what we expect of and experience with corporate twitter

Why accountants should not tweet in their firm’s name

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During my last social media seminar for accountants we reviewed the different ways that accountants have chosen to identify themselves on twitter. An objective comparison was quite revealing. As always let me start by saying that if what you're doing is working for you, please continue without changing anything. If however you have yet to