The January tax return rush is your own fault

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Chatting with an accountant recently he told me he was amazed why so many clients leave their tax returns to the last minute.  He told me he chases clients throughout the year. He sends reminders and prompts. He has recently asked around his business networks to clarify why small business owners and investors do this.

10 minutes on: Social Media – without the hype

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How to condense everything you know on a subject into 10 minutes? My approach has long been to use acronyms to give me some focus and structure. Here's the one I'll use for this talk: S - Social vs Anti-Social - As explained here O - Objectives - Be clear on WHY before you start

There are only two types of social media….

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One that works for you..... and One that doesn't work for you One that you enjoy.... and One that you find a chore One that is Social.... and One that is Anti-Social One that is random.... and One that is focused One where your profile photo enables people to recognise you when they meet you....