With Social Media you need to decide WHY and then HOW

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More and more people are experimenting with social media. I say 'experimenting' as all too often there is no real strategy behind the activity. Many accountants, for example, simply buy into the 'hope' that their social media activity will lead to more clients. It's rarely as simple as that. Whatever you might have heard about

5+ reasons I don’t recommend Google+

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I often speak on Social Media to business people (generally accountants and suppliers to accountants). But I don't talk about Google+  [I wrote this post in October 2011. Looking back on it in December 2013 I noted that nothing has happened to change my view - yet!] Here's why: 1 - It is too new:

Nailing the lie re boring accountants

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After attending a formal dinner at the ICAEW last night, I posted a tweet: Enjoyed a fab dinner at ICAEW with other current and former Council members. Many accountants with interesting hobbies and backgrounds. And one of my followers on twitter posted the perhaps inevitable response: Interesting accountants? Are you sure?! ;-) The simple fact