Measuring activity and influence on social media

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I apologise to those readers who have no interest in social media. I completely understand your disinterest. You may even be right - for the moment anyway - but it's also clear that more and more professionals are expressing an interest in social media. If you're active on twitter for example you may have noticed a

How one UK accountant uses Linkedin

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When I write and speak about accountants and social media I always make the point that Linkedin is different. It's the only online networking site where you can get some benefit simply by having your profile there, even if you're not active. But of course you can also choose to be active on LinkedIn. One

“SMEs need your help” – But what is an SME?

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What do the initials SME mean to you? Do they refer to small local businesses? The official Government definition, drawn from the EU definition and used for determining which businesses need an audit for example, is clear. Small and Medium-sized Enterprises account for over 99.9% of all UK businesses* Any initiative that purports to focus

Accountants in debt – emerging trends

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I've just seen a report from the  Chartered Accountants’ Benevolent Association (CABA). It claims that three emerging trends in debt among accountants have became more prevalent during the first half of 2011. These patterns have been noted by CABA's debt advice team, who provide guidance and practical help to accountants with financial difficulties, over the