How many accountants are interested in social media?

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I brought a sense of realism to the ICAEW's recent [2011] seminar on social media. An early tweeter using the event hashtag had noted: "Nice to see so many accountants interested in social media" During my presentation I suggested that this clearly was NOT the case. There were less than 40 people in the room,

5 things to SCOPE or check before you embrace social media

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Regular readers know I'm somewhat cynical about the so-called experts who tell accountants and other professionals why they should embrace social media. One of the arguments often used is to look at the success of early adopters. When I spoke on the subject at the ICAEW I coined a new acronym that references five elements worth checking

The definitive voice for practitioners on social media matters

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A partner in a twenty partner firm has thanked me most enthusiastically for my presentation at yesterday's social media seminar. I was one of 5 speakers engaged by the IT Faculty to speak on Business opportunities for accountants using social media. My new friend (whom I had never engaged with or met previously) came straight

Do you ensure your clients get the best advice or just your advice?

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Accountants are naturally cautious about involving third party advisers. They don’t want to be forced to bill their clients more than last year. They also don’t want to bear the cost of seeking a second opinion. This atitude means that some accountants muddle along and avoid admitting to clients that they have limited experience in

New to social media? The wrong questions to ask…

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I apologise to those readers of this blog who have no interest in social media. I completely understand your disinterest. You may even be right - for the moment anyway - as I have acknowledged in previous blog posts here. BUT - I also accept that more and more professionals are expressing an interest in