Prediction: More low fee clients will migrate AWAY from traditional accountants

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The traditional focus on recurring work and the associated recurring fees is likely to change in the near future. There are an increasing number of alternative, low cost and professional alternative service providers. Those clients who perceive that all their accountants do is produce accounts and tax returns will be at risk. At the moment

Recurring fees… the death of the profession

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How many accountants go into practice with the intention of operating in the same way as lawyers do? Not many I think. What do I mean? Well lawyers are very much transaction focused. Property lawyers advise and help facilitate property transactions. Family lawyers advise on divorce, child custody and other one-off situations. Commercial lawyers advise

Seth Godin steps into the time vs value billing debate

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Seth Godin is renowned for his pithy and thought provoking blog posts and books.  His most recent post is a new (to me) way of looking at the age-old 'time vs value based' billing argument: "Long work is what the lawyer who bills 14 hours a day filling in forms does. Hard work is what