Event tip: Where are you from?

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I was one of the hosts at a recent business event and had invited a number of guests. As is the norm all received name badges that also had their company name on them. Well, almost. Those guests who had a single permanent role with one firm or company had that business name beneath their

Billing attitudes to quicky items of advice

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The Tax Advice Network includes a private forum area where the tax adviser members can discuss and share ideas and issues. No one else can see or take part. A recent discussion concerned how different tax advisers deal with calls that only take 10 or 15 minutes.  A number of different views were expressed. My

Who is credited with writing your newsletters?

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This is more of a question than an advisory piece although I don’t know how many readers of this blog will know the answer. I was looking at another tax newsletter recently that I had received from quite a large firm of accountants. It’s a nicely produced bespoke newsletter with professional photos of each author