Keen to recruit your first tax partner? 8 key questions

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One of the most common questions I'm asked, often by recruiters, is if I know a prospective new tax partner for a smaller or mid-size practice. Sadly I can rarely help directly - especially if, as is usually the case, the firm would like their new recruit to have a following (ie clients and fees).

4 tips for job hunters

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1 - Register on LinkedIn and complete your profile so that you are attractive to prospective recruiters and anyone looking there for someone like you. Here's a link to a short series of blogs I wrote recently on the value of LinkedIn. Once registered you can then use LinkedIn to connect with past colleagues and

4 accountants respond to a prospect’s initial enquiry

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On one of the business networks I follow a member recently asked for a recommendation to a down-to-earth, friendly, non-judgemental, accountant.  He explained his requirements in a little more detail - but not much, although he did state: "To be ABSOLUTELY clear, I am NOT looking for someone who has intentions of turning me

Accountants ‘just do the accounts and tax returns’

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Today I quote selectively from the blog of one of the members of my Tax Advice Network, Jon Stow. I've added a few words of commentary of my own. Most business owners will tell you what they think their accountants do: they prepare the accounts and do the tax return. They probably think of this