“I hope they’ll tell someone about me”

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Talking with an accountant recently I learned that he regularly receives phone calls from people who have found his website or phone number. Sounds good?  Yes it does and it's not at all uncommon. Many accountants get such calls. He was complaining actually that most of the callers were after some free advice. And if

Business networking with Clare Murray

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I had lunch yesterday with an old friend, Clare Murray. I say old friend as that's how she described me afterwards in a tweet: Terrific lunch today at 1 Lombard with old friend @bookmarklee It did seem as if we were old friends and yet we met originally in 2001 in a professional capacity and

Why do accountants resist early change?

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I was reflecting on this idea the other day. The MD of a big IT software supplier was telling me how surprised he was that so many accountants had yet to pick up on the new obligations to file iXBRL tagged accounts. This will be relevant to all accounts filed from April 2011 re

Do your prospects have an appetite for tax schemes?

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Talking with a tax and financial adviser recently he told me that his firm is a heavy promoter of tax schemes. "Not a great fan myself" I said. His reply was almost the complete opposite of what I had expected: "I'm not surprised" he said. "Few people actually go ahead and implement the schemes." "So

Further ways for accountants to benefit from LinkedIn

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I have blogged various thoughts on this topic over the last few months. Here are three more ways accountants can benefit from using LinkedIn: Be the Conductor - Your client wants to raise finance, perhaps through Venture Capital. Maybe you could do with better contacts in this area? LinkedIn can provide those contacts and introductions. 

Adverblog: Cost effective vetted tax support

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I mentioned the Tax Advice Network in a recent post for the first time in ages. Newer readers of this blog who haven't read the mini profile piece (top right), may be unaware of the Network. Established in 2007 the Tax Advice Network is a resource and facility for accountants in practice. There's no charge

Who bears the cost of new efiling rules?

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As software evolves to meet new legislative requirements so accountants assume this will be built into the price they pay for their software. There is little prospect of accountants asking clients to pay extra - or of them securing additional fees if they did ask! Equally, accountants will not willingly pay extra for updates of

More LinkedIn opportunities for accountants

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This short series started with extracts from my talks on social media for accountants. One reader and contributor is Phil Richards who shared some further ideas as to how accountants can benefit from LinkedIn. Rather than add them as comments on earlier posts, I've extended the blog series. So here are three more: Central point

In-house Tax Directors seek tax support from non-auditors

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It seems that many in-house Tax Directors do not use their auditors for tax work and advice.This is one of the conclusions from Winmark’s third benchmarking survey of in-house Tax Directors. Out of over 100 respondents to the Tax Director Network survey, only one-third use their auditors for corporate tax planning, and only a quarter

LinkedIn for accountants (part three)

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Having used the last two posts on this blog to introduce LinkedIn, let me now summarise the benefits you can secure by ensuring you have a profile on LinkedIn. This will enable you to: put your generic CV ‘out there’ showing your career history and key skills; include reference to your current role as your

LinkedIn for accountants – What makes it different?

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LinkedIn is a ‘Business’ networking website. I’m always amused when commentators describe it in the same breath as ‘social’ networks. I think this confuses people who are unfamiliar with them and assume that LinkedIn is a variation on facebook and twitter for example. A more accurate collective noun is ‘online networks’. LinkedIn is probably the