You have to use different bait to attract bigger fish

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A sole practitioner accountant recently asked me how could he attract the 'bigger fish'? In effect he wanted to know how he could start to attract and win clients who would be prepared to pay bigger fees. He said he wants to more than double his average fee - moving from around £600 upto

Are you assertive or aggressive?

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I was recently asked my views on the benefits of being assertive rather than aggressive in getting a tax job and in your tax career.  Here's what I said as is published in Taxation 2 magazine: While we are used to seeing aggressive characters getting their way on the screen and maybe even in the

Should accountants Niche or Micro-niche?

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When I interviewed Daniel Priestley on a webinar we discussed ways in which accountants in practice can become more entrepreneurial. One of the issues we touched on was the benefits of identifying a niche, or preferably a micro-niche.  Daniel made the point that this makes you more referable as it distinguishes you from all the other