Who decides what hourly rate is ‘fair’?

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Back in 2010 we were hearing about MP's for hire and their differing daily rates. This brought to mind the question that many accountants are asked by prospective clients: "What's your hourly rate?" and a related question only usually hinted at: Who decides what hourly rate is 'fair'? At the time the media had reported

Radio 4: A Brief History of Double-Entry Book-keeping

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Readers may be interested in this Radio 4 series broadcast in early 2010. There were ten episodes to the series so thank goodness it's only a 'brief history'! 8 Mar 2010 15:45–16:00 BBC Radio 4 Episode 1 1/10. Jolyon Jenkins traces the religious roots of some accounting practices. 9 Mar 2010 15:45–16:00 BBC Radio 4

What do you say when you’re asked for referrals?

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Accountants are often seen as the ideal people to to ask for referrals. After all, accountants in practice will often act for dozens of clients, many of whom are targets for other complementary suppliers. This means that accountants are routinely approached by financial advisers, will writers, software developers, marketing consultants and many other service providers.