Social media makes it easier for clients to publicise bad service

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At 10.30 on the evening of 20 January 2010 Deb Maddock from Devon posted the following message on twitter: "Yet again Stupid Accountant David Rice of Plymouth didn't turn up to our appointment and didn't let us know. Wasted trip! USELESS #fail" A quick online search the following morning revealed two accountants with that name in

How uptodate are your newsletters?

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I was in an accountant's office recently and was impressed by the range of promotional leaflets and booklets for all of the firm's different service lines. The only one I picked up though was their 10 page colour 'magazine'. It was on the table in reception and looked as if it would be more interesting

How different do you need to be?

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The Telegraph Business club has produced a very professional film about a London based firm of accountants: Lubbock Fine. As I watched this I initially felt sorry for the firm. Everyone on film was very positive but we could have changed the name of the firm to one of dozens of others and almost every

What does CPD really mean?

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Having just shared my views re CPD over on AccountingWeb I offer below an adapted summary and a few additional ideas and tips. CPD of course stands for Continuing PROFESSIONAL Development. To some (older?) people this is synonymous with attending courses. It's what we always did. Historically I recall my obligation to the ICAEW was to