Review of the blog 2009

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This blog has been a labour of love for well over 3 years now and contains in excess of 300 posts. Many have either come from my talks or have been incorporated into my talks and seminars. As 2009 draws to a close, you may be interested to see this personal choice of my posts

Two new accountancy consolidators by 2011? I don’t think so.

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I've just read a headline suggesting that there will be more listed accountancy firms within 2 years.  This follows on from the news of the recent merger of Tenon and RSM Bentley Jennison. There are, apparently, two prospective consolidations in prospect at the moment. A similar story first appeared on AccountingWeb last March following an

Not all Accountants are business advisers

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AccountingWeb recently ran a series of articles about accountants as business advisers. My contribution as Consultant Practice Editor approached the subject from an unusual angle. There is already plenty of material that seeks to persuade accountants that they need to become better business advisers, and how they could do this. My article was titled: