How loyal will your clients be?

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Telemarketing companies who focus on securing new clients for accountancy businesses tell me that they have never been busier. And there do seem to be a number of such specialist firms - in addition to the more general telemarketing companies that simply work for accountants as and when engaged to do so. Some telemarketers are

The BIGGEST misconception about Twitter

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A recent study suggests that 40% of tweets are "pointless babble". Regular readers might expect me to agree, especially if you recall an earlier post here: Twitter is not for accountants. And whilst I appreciate the scientific nature of the study I fear it misses the point. It also panders to those in the media

Advising your most important client

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Hopefully you know who is your most important client. You can apply your own criteria to decide of course.  You might choose the one who pays you the most fees year in and year out, or the one who constantly refers wonderful new clients to you; or it might be a close family member! You