Where smaller firms of accountants are going wrong

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Accountancy Age has published a profile piece on Peter Hargreaves (Chartered Accountant and founder of Hargreaves Lansdown).  In it he is quite scathing about certain elements of the profession. None more so than the smaller practitioner: "They’re not doing a good enough job for clients, hence they can’t charge much for the work. A self-defeating

3 time management tips

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I was asked for these when contributing to a business survey recently. 1 - Set up rules in your email management system to reduce the time absorbed by incoming emails. 2 - Book time in your diary for regular activities such as bookkeeping, invoicing, personal development, replying to emails etc. If client work has to

Facilitated partner meetings

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A couple of recent enquiries have led to the same conclusion. It's something that I was first engaged to do about 3 years ago but less often recently.  Maybe there has been an article somewhere or a speaker recommending the idea? I don't recall mentioning it myself in any of my articles, blog comments or

Two top interview tips

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Having been asked to contribute some tips to a careers magazine I thought I'd replicate them on this blog too. I have always remembered the first time that someone I was interviewing asked if they could make notes. Of course my reply was 'yes'.  Indeed I was impressed that they were evidently prepared, had asked