Do your timesheet procedures reduce new fees?

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Over the years I've noted that accountants typically devote more time to networking with contacts and strangers (effectively) than they spend helping existing clients. We've all heard the marketing gurus explain that it's easier to generate additional fees from existing clients than it is to secure new fees from new clients - people with whom

The future of compliance services for accountants

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Many commentators seem almost contemptuous when talking about accountants who focus on the provision of compliance services. We’re told that fees are being forced down and that firms that focus only on compliance services face an uncertain future. I’m not sure I agree. If you have an established practice and know your clients well,

Networking strategies for accountants

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Many accountants attend numerous formal networking events on a regular basis.  This can be very time consuming and it will be a waste of time if you set out with the intention of winning new clients and securing new leads from every event that you attend. Effective networking involves developing profitable relationships and that takes

The future of auditing and assurance services

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At a recent ICAEW conference on the future of auditing I realised how what was once a traditional service provided by most accountants, is almost extinct. It won’t die out completely but it’s certainly becoming more specialised as the number of companies requiring audits has fallen dramatically in recent years. And that trend is set

Engagement letters for accountants

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It's almost a year since the professional bodies published their updated guidance on engagement letters for tax work. This was the culmination of a thorough review by a working party that I was proud to chair on behalf of the contributing bodies: ICAEW, ICAS, ACCA, CIOT, ATT, IIT, CIMA. I wrote a number of articles