Calling sole practitioners who want free PR

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Sole practitioners have a unique opportunity to secure unprecedented publicity and kudos this year. If you're keen to grow your practice you won't want to miss out, especially as it need not cost you very much if you do everything yourself. I'm referring to the prospect of being crowned sole practitioner of the year at

Managing client expectations re tax avoidance

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One thing that most accountants have to face is a desire on the part of most of their clients to pay less tax. In this context it can be helpful to ensure that clients appreciate what is and what is NOT possible/achievable. For example is it legal to legitimately minimise your tax liabilities. This includes:

7 ways to ensure your pitch is not a waste of time

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Chatting with the managing partner of a top 30 firm recently I was impressed to learn about one of the processes he insists on in his office.  It concerns formal pitches that follow on from the submission of written tender documents. The teams involved in such pitches are required to rehearse in front of the