Do you offer a service guarantee? I bet you do.

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Whenever I ask this question during my seminars for accountants, very rarely does anyone answer 'yes'.  I then ask a follow up question. "If you did some work for a client but they weren't happy because you made a big mess of it, would you insist on charging them extra to correct your mistake?" Again

What is it that can go wrong?

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Over the years I have collected dozens and dozens of stories of what it is that has led to problems for accountants. Such examples help inform my talks about how to avoid negligence claims. It's also worth recognising how easy it is for things to go wrong; after all they do say that forewarned is forearmed.

A twitter case study and intro for professional advisers

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Twitter seems a bizarre concept. In theory you post brief messages (up to 140 characters at a time) about what you’re doing and these are seen by your ‘followers’. Equally you can read what other people who you’re following say they’re doing. In practice ‘tweets’ are far more varied than some of the media would

Disengagement letters

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Let's face it, few accountants have detailed procedures in place to ensure they do all they need to do when they lose a client. The simple reason for this is that it doesn't happen often enough to warrant a detailed procedure and even when it does occur there's rarely a problem. The larger firms lose

Do you treat clients like lab rats?

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Probably the most sensible thing any adviser can do is to recognize their limitations. Most accountants are like GPs. Great at dealing with day to day issues. Every now and then though when you visit the doctor they recommend you see a specialist. Indeed you’d be very worried if the GP suggested you hop up