Are accountants more or less proactive than lawyers?

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What does it mean when an accountant claims to be pro-active? I tend to think this means seeking to anticipate clients' needs, getting in touch rather than waiting for them to contact you and offering help and valuable advice. All without being specifically asked to do so - which, if we did, would render the

What do accountants sell? The answer is NOT Time

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Many, but NOT all accountants, charge fees by reference to the time they spend working on a client's affairs. Most accountants in practice still complete timesheets to show how much of their day has been devoted to each different client and to each different aspect of management, administration, marketing or other 'non-billable' time. Thinking back

10 top networking tips

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To commemorate the fact that this has been International Networking Week I thought I'd share my ten top networking tips for accountants. I've addressed the subject many times before on this blog - most recently in the context of online networking websites such as Twitter, facebook and LinkedIn. You can access all of the earlier