Why accountants don’t NEED to bother with twitter

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A friend suggested I should write a piece about Twitter for accountants as I'm increasingly active on Twitter. Surely then I'm well placed to explain what Twitter is and how accountants can benefit from it. Instead let me explain why I think that Accountants really don't need to bother with Twitter.  This is much the

Use it or lose it – Your clients’ trust

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Accountants are expected and trusted to be good business advisers. This puts them in a good position to advice clients during the current troubled financial times. I addressed this point recently in a post entitled: Accountants need to show they really are business advisers as we move into recession. I have now seen reports of another

How accountants can beat the recession

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Some readers of this blog will be aware that I recently created a new seminar for accountants:  Mastering the credit crunch - Your practice, your advice, your future. During what was a highly practical and commercial half day I suggested that the credit crunch (or recession as now seems to be accepted as a more

Accountants and the internet – survey results

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Last month the Independent Association of Accountants Information Technology Consultants (IAAITC) announced the results of its survey on the effective use of the Internet by UK accountancy firms. The two specific issues considered by the survey were the effective promotion of firms' websites and their use of email for communicating with clients. The key word

Easyjet pricing by accountants

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Anyone who has heard me speak recently will recall my encouragement to review the way in which fees are set. I've also posted numerous previous items on this subject.  A summary and link to them all is included in this one: Negotiating fees when times are tough. I've just had a call from an accountant who