If in doubt – imagine you’re advising a loved one

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One of the pressures that all ambitious accountants endure is the need to advise on issues that do not arise every day. The more experience you have the more confidence you gain to know whether or not you have enough knowledge to give the advice without double checking it's right. Double checking might simply involve

Finance for accountants and accountancy firms

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In preparation for a talk  I sought information from a number of banks as to their attitudes towards accountancy firms. I've sought to paraphrase what they told me without attributing specific comments where I was asked not to do so. (The information below was current in 2008 when this post was written. Readers should seek

That key term in PI policies

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One of the key points I invariably highlight during my talk on 'Avoiding negligence claims' concerns a pretty standard term that appears in PI insurance policies. Indeed it's as important a term in PI policies as the 'Don't admit liability' clause is in motor car insurance policies. All drivers are well aware that if they