Accountants need to show they really are business advisers

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I've just been reading in Accountancy Age about how a senior official at HSBC considers that Accountants are better at advising distressed businesses than are banks. Piyali Williams, head of professional proposition at HSBC is reported to have also said that: "Accountants are in a better position than banks... We've always viewed them [accountants] and

Being the ‘value add’ at someone else’s seminar

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This is something that I did last week and it occurred to me that ambitious accountants could probably do much the same thing too. Let me explain. I was invited by Amitabh Natekar to be the guest speaker at a seminar he was organising for an audience of accountants.  The other speakers were William Parker,

Does the impending recession provide more or fewer opportunities for accountants?.

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As the preparation continues for a new seminar I'm presenting next month I started to think about the specific tax advice that might be relevant as the economy moves toward a recession. Let me stress that I'm referring here to the technical definition (two consecutive quarters of negative growth). From a  personal perspective I see

How do you set charge out rates?

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I posted an item on this blog last month on the subject of Setting fee rates - using costs incurred or value provided? Related to that issue is the question as to: How do you set charge out rates? A third, a third, a third When I started in practice over 30 years ago (yup, I'm

Ideal Client Profile

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How often do you turn away prospective clients? During my talks about 'How to avoid professional negligence claims' I refer to that awful feeling you sometimes get in your gut when you meet a new client (or, more accurately, a prospective client). It's the feeling that makes you think this person could be more trouble

Negotiating fees when times are tough

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I've written a number of previous posts on related subjects and thought it would be useful to provide a one stop link to each of them: I think there are 4 different scenarios where it may be necessary to negotiate fees for your services: The annual fees you charge to existing clients; The additional

I told him. Once. 12 months ago. How dare he forget.

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Imagine that you have a great system.  When you take on a new business client you explain to them that you don't just deal with day to day issues. You also have expertise in  inheritance tax (for example) and at such time as the client starts thinking about their will, you'd love to help them.

Now is the time to invest in your staff

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I often receive calls from recruiters asking me if I know of anyone who might suit this vacancy or that opportunity.  In recent weeks I've been telling them that I'm aware of far more vacancies than potential candidates.  Few people are looking to move from one firm to another in the current economic climate. In