Websites for accountants

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I regularly find myself sharing my views on this topic so I thought it would be helpful to include in one place all of my previous posts on related issues: Websites for professional firms (part one) - what messages does your site need to communicate? Websites for professional firms (part two) - who are the

9 signs of a bad accountant

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The following list describes 9 signs of a bad PR agent - but most of these would equally be signs of a bad accountant. What do you think?  I've added my comments in square brackets. To demand to be paid by the hour rather than quote for a job  [Yup. I'm beginning to come round

A salutory example and warning

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As regular readers will know, one of the talks I regularly present to accountants and tax advisers around the UK addresses Negligence claims and what you can do to avoid these. Early on in the talk I know that I shock some of my audiences when I spend a few minutes talking about Forgery and

In house training session for an accountancy firm

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Had a great time yesterday afternoon presenting a couple of training sessions for an accountancy firm. I love doing this. Normally I only do one slot on one issue. This time though I'd been asked to address both of the following : How to avoid negligence claims; and Taking the work out of Networking Both