Categorising your clients

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Last Friday I wrote about how you might identify your most valuable clients. Prior to that I'd written about the factors that might mean a client was on your D-list and should be ditched. If we assume that your most valuable clients are on your A-list and your worst clients are on your D-list, what

How do you KNOW who are your most valuable clients?

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I've commented before about how elements from this blog make their way into my talks and vice versa.  One key issue that I address in my talks about making more profits from your smaller clients is the need to distinguish your best clients from your worst clients. I've mentioned the 80:20 rule, the benefits of

Avoid premature elaboration

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Last year I referenced one of Richard White's ideas and adapted it to the accountancy environment. That post was titled: Do you suffer from premature evaluation? More recently I've heard him use a similar phrase: "Avoid premature elaboration." It's something that many of us may be guilty of when we're networking or selling. It essentially

Accountants in Action

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On Sunday I enjoyed another fabulous day out at the delightful Art in Action event at Waterperry Gardens (near Oxford).  It's an annual event and my wife and I tend to go most years. Art in Action was created out of a simple observation: people are fascinated when artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills

How far do you go?

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This was another of the thoughts I had during the workshop that followed an E-business for accountants seminar that I attended. (I've already commented on the seminar here and here). One of the workshop leaders was suggesting that accountants should be more prepared to 'upskill' their clients as regards their e-business strategy. I asked whether he

Is it worth attending training seminars?

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I had an interesting revelation during the E-business for accountants seminar I attended in Birmingham on Tuesday. I realised I was being inspired to make notes (as I tend to do) as and when the speakers said anything that I felt was useful. So quite a lot of notes then! I have often held off

Could you audit a client’s website analytics?

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I was delighted to attend yesterday's seminar: E-business for accountants. It was co-ordinated jointly between the National B2B Centre and AccountingWEB and was promoted as being the start of a campaign to improve accountancy's ebusiness expertise. I tend to try to address discrete points in each of my blog posts so I'll simply flag up

Is the campaign to protect the term ‘accountant’ going to backfire?

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Although qualified accountants are aware that anyone can call themselves an 'accountant' I find that very few 'real' people appreciate this fact. They tend to assume accountants are like dentists, doctors and solicitors. If only that were the case! It is precisely because of this confusion that various groups of accountants campaign to secure protection

It’s all in the name

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Just before the start of a session of Matthew Huttons' excellent Monthly Tax Reviews (MTR), Matthew shared with me his surprise as to a question he had been asked. It concerned the coverage of his forthcoming book on Estate planning. He had been asked if the book would be covering Capital Gains Tax issues as

“Why I gave up giving tax advice”

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Posts to this blog normally contain tips and advice to assist accountants, especially those in practice and /or building up their careers. Today I make an exception. In July 2008 Taxation magazine published a 4 page lead comment article written by me. I had entitled it, 'Why I gave up giving tax advice". The editor

What do clients care about?

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At the recent CIMA members in practice annual conference at which I spoke recently I heard about a survey in which a group of accountants were asked what they thought their clients most wanted from their accountant. The top three answers from the accountants were: Quality, Reputation and Expertise Clients of these same accountants were

What’s your name? Who should I ask for?

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I attended a big Networking event last night, organised by Business-Scene.  There were over 600 people there. One enterprising accountant was handing out her business cards to all and sundry - and even leaving them on exhibitors' stands. Four separate people passed the lady's card onto me as they know I'm keen to promote the

Are you charging enough?

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We all know the old adage: If you pay peanuts you'll get monkeys. Now that may be extreme when it comes to accountants but there are plenty who 'dumb down' their services so as to get clients who don't want to pay very much. The accountant may, for example, be trying to build up his/her

Tax support for accountants

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I'm often asked what prompted me to create the Tax Advice Network. Having spent three years running the tax support for professionals operation at WJB Chiltern I had become aware of how much accountants both valued the facility to secure expert tax support and yet, at the same time resented the traditional approach: A BIG