Services that accountants outsource within the UK

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Funny how some topics become topical. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a piece 'Outsourcing - doesn’t have to mean an overseas call centre'. Then last week I noted that a new debate has started on AccountingWeb: “We believe British Accountants can only benefit from growth in outsourcing." For those who don't visit that

Why don’t accountants like to earn commission?

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I realised recently that this is the unasked question behind a number of approaches I have received in recent months. Such approaches tend to come from business service providers who want my views as to how they can best work with accountants. Invariably they start from the premise that accountants would want to promote the

Are accountants as ‘stupid’ as lawyers?

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I recently listened to a podcast by professional services guru, David Maister. It was a recording of a presentation he had given to a group of lawyers in which he accused them of being 'stupid'. Vividly, loudly and sincerely. When he explained why he had levelled this accusation at them they had no choice but

Sky+ adverts provide great example of my advice

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Have you seen or heard the current advertising campaign by BSkyB to promote the Sky+ personal video recorder? It includes TV ads that feature celebrities including Michael Parkinson, David Gower, Felicity Kendal, Ross Kemp and Mariella Frostrup talking about the benefits of Sky+. I have also seen poster adverts that include simple quotes from the same celebrities

Outsourcing – doesn’t have to mean an overseas call centre

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When you hear someone talking about outsourcing, you probably immediately think about those annoying call centres based overseas. But there is much more to outsourcing than a call centre. Recently I was told about a great piece of business advice:Most people worry about what they're not good at. Don't. Concentrate on what you are good

Are you at least ‘reasonably competent’?

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There has been an interesting discussion on AccountingWeb as to whether an accountant could be held to be negligent for not advising clients about 'advanced tax planning' (ie: tax avoidance strategies). As I explain when I present sessions on How to avoid tax related negligence claims, the standard of care to which you will be