Losing last year’s new clients

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I wonder how many readers of this blog know people who fall into any of the 7 traps I've listed below?  I suspect they are more common in larger firms than in smaller ones - or do you know better? Do any of these traps seem familiar? I reckon that they're all things that can

Networking with everyone and no one?

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Networking (whether online or face to face) is all about building relationships.  A little part of my heart sinks when I meet someone at a networking event and they thrust their business card into my hand 'just in case'.  Just in case what?  [I explained the consequences of this approach on an earlier blog: No

Whose relationship is it anyway?

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You've been instrumental in bringing a new client into the firm and you've looked after them well. Or, perhaps you weren't the finder, simply the minder of the relationship and the client thinks of you as their main contact at the firm. What happens when you leave to join another practice or to start up

How enthusiastic are you?

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In January 2003 the ICAEW published a report "The Profitable and Sustainable Practice". You can still access it online and I recommend it as many of the points covered therein are as relevant today as they were 5 years ago. It was aimed particularly at small practices, which operate in the SME sector. Although it's

Clients will pay high fees for good advice

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I have just read a report in Accountancy Magazine about some research published by the UK 200 group*. The report notes that: Clients are more likely to ditch their accountants for giving therm incorrect or poor advice than for being too expensive......Clients only rate high fees as the THIRD most important reason for switching accountants

Giving constructive feedback

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I'm serving as an evaluator at my local speakers club, Harrovians, this evening. The club is affiliated to Toastmasters International and encourages evaluators to follow a well established structure when evaluating speeches: Commend, Recommend, Commend. I was about to post an item about this but then checked and realised that last July I posted an

Dealing with difficult clients

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Last week I encouraged you to identify and ditch your duff D-list clients. That's fine if you're in a position of authority in your practice - a sole practitioner or a partner for example. But what if you don't have that level of authority? Then it becomes a question of how can you best deal