It’s not merge or die – it’s network or die

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At a recent conference I attended the question was asked of smaller professional firms - 'Merge or die'? Is there a future for smaller firms and one man bands? In my view the answer is unquestionably 'yes'. Indeed it is becoming ever easy to run a profitable and successful smaller firm (whether it comprises just

Ditch the duff clients

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Given the hundreds of posts on this blog it's quite feasible that I've shared this advice before. But it's a natural follow up to yesterday's posting about focusing on current clients.  It also seems to crop up in almost every lecture or talk that I present to accountants and tax advisers. Simply stated - if

How to develop good listening skills

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These are so important as ambitious professionals need to be good listeners. We have to listen to our clients, our colleagues, our staff, our partners, our suppliers, our prospects and our prospective clients. So here are a number of tips that, if practiced, will ensure that you are seen to be a good listener: Stop