What is a fair fee?

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Imagine a client has accepted your fee quote but that the work takes you less time than you had expected. Would you reduce the fee to be 'fair' to the client? If you find yourself in such a situation only you will know what is the right answer in those specific circumstances.  Only you can

Networking – what does it mean?

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‘Networking’ is one of the 12 key business skills for ambitious professionals. It is also one of the most misunderstood skills. It doesn’t mean ‘Netselling’, ‘Notworking’, or ‘Partying’. It comes as a surprise to many people to learn that the best networkers are those who listen more than they talk and who are genuinely interested

Online facilities for accountants

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I authored a two page article featured in the January 2008 issue of Accountancy magazine. In it I shared a number of ideas drawn from my work with accountancy firms, facilitating partner strategy days and business coaching. I also identified over 30 generic online facilities and provided examples of how these can help accountants (and

Accountants’ websites – is yours doing the necessary?

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I recently included the following note in my monthly newsletter for accountants and their clients:   I've been writing and advising accountants about their websites for some time now and have accumulated an enormous amount of tips, ideas and knowledge about what works and what doesn't. I have also been researching ways in which accountants

Trends that will matter in 2008 – for accountants

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I noted last week that I was not one for making predictions generally. Instead I simply set out my (accountancy related )hopes for 2008. Since then I've had cause to consider what new trends there may be this year. Here's what I've said: 1 - More clients will be texting communications to their accountants. NB:

Are you a cost or a benefit?

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On his blog Dennis Howlett has been commenting on the suggestion made on another blog(!) that accountants cost money, they don’t make money. And that  "if your accountant is costing you more money than she is earning, saving, or generating, then either you have a rubbish accountant or you have difficulty tracking your costs and benefits. Of course,

Happy new year – be careful what you wish for

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I'm not one for making annual new year resolutions - or indeed 'predictions'. Indeed, rather than risk 'predictions' for 2008 I offer instead three of my hopes for the new year, that Accountants will: 1 - earn more money by advising their clients about their menu pricing models - so that clients know they'll pay