Tax Advice Network

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Last month I posted less frequently on this blog than usual. My focus was on the launch of a new business venture - an additional service to those I provide to support ambitious professionals. The Tax Advice Network has a clear focus on accountants in general practice although others may find it of interest too.

Is lack of time a barrier to innovation in professional firms?

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When I facilitate partnership strategy meetings I often ask the partners about their interest in and attitude to new technological solutions to age old issues. There is often one visionary in the firm who has, as yet, been unable to persuade other partners to invest in ‘the future’. The reason is rarely down to cost.

Billing for extras – a client’s reaction

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We've all done it haven't we. Estimated (or maybe even quoted a fixed) fee for a specific piece of work and then the scope of the work has changed slightly. And then a bit more. Perhaps we've delegated the work and have not kept in touch with how much extra time the 'tweaks' have involved.