Preparing for a coaching session

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Following my recent post about preparing for meetings it seemed logical to set out some of the questions I ask coaching and mentoring candidates to consider before we start work. The precise questions will depend upon the issues that require attention. Sometimes these will have become apparent from a skills self audit On other occasions

Preparing for meetings

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How often do you attend meetings without preparing for them? Yesterday was the first time for a long time that I've attended a meeting without having at least some idea of what it was all about. The managing partner of a large firm of accountants had suggested that there might be some beneift in me

Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is king

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I've commented previously on billing related issues, for example, here and here. Now though I want to focus on cash collection.   It's great to win a new piece of work. We also get a warm glow when we issue a decent size fee invoice but what really counts is getting the cash in. Are you

What sort of advice do you give? Specialist, Compliance or Dangerous? (part two)

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In yesterday's blog I described what I see as the three categories of advice that best describe the approach of many professional advisers. The third category I described was 'dangerous' and I explained that advisers giving dangerous advice, normally do so as they are what we might term 'unconscious incompetents'. That is they are unaware

What sort of advice do you give? Specialist, Compliance or Dangerous? (part one)

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What would be the impact on your practice if a client alleged that you had been negligent? It's not something that anyone wants to consider, of course.Often such allegations lead to complaints that result in investigations and disciplinary proceedings, or a professional indemnity insurance claim – whether justified or not. All such eventualities invariably result